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Marathon of Moms: Your Stories Break Down Stigma

Our first ever Marathon of Moms was a huge success and it wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible support of our MMHRC community. After putting out our call for your stories of lived experience with maternal mental illness, we received submissions from women from across North America.

Common Bonds and Shared Experience

It was remarkable to read the stories of perseverance and strength that you shared. Each story is unique and yet so many of us are all tied together by the similarities in our experiences. While this brings a lot of comfort to know that none of us is alone, it’s also really alarming how prevalent anxiety, depression, and birth trauma really are. So many women experience these every year – and yet there is still so much stigma and shame.

The stories that we shared on the blog are powerful tools in breaking down that stigma. They offer us a look into deeply personal experiences that can happen to anyone. Your stories are evidence that things like postpartum depression and anxiety don’t discriminate. They bring the reality of mental illness and motherhood into the light. It’s when we illuminate these shared experiences we’re able to break through the misconception that mental illness only happens to “other people”.

Marathon of Moms Blog Posts

If you missed the Marathon, we’ve linked to all the stories published on the blog below. Take some time and read through these stories of bravery and perseverance. And to our moms who shared – thank you!

Alicia’s Story: Nothing About Motherhood Came Naturally to Me

Nicole’s Story: The Emotional Roller Coaster Started Earlier Than I Expected

Kasia’s Story: Life Got Very Real, Very Fast

Katie’s Story: Nothing About My Experience Made Sense to Me

Lauren’s Story: Panic Attacks are Never Normal

Allison’s Story: The Need to Escape My Life Didn’t Stop

Rachell’s Story: This Type of Worry Did Not Seem Logical

Beth’s Story: My New Normal Now Includes Mental Illness

Alexis’ Story: Intrusive Thoughts Became My Norm

Lacey’s Story: I Felt Let Down By My Body

Alison’s Story: When You’re in a Fog…You Don’t Know You Need Help

The Maternal Mental Health Research Collaborative is a peer-led, mom-centered group of women with lived experience with a maternal mental illness. We use our stories and expertise to inform research designed to develop better treatments for things like postpartum depression and anxiety. Find out more on our website or join our mailing list!