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After Postpartum Depression, There’s No Shame in Only Having One Child

Woman sitting on beach holding young son

After a nightmare experience with postpartum depression, anxiety and PTSD, I have one child and I’ve put the reproductive stage of my life behind me. I was blessed with a magical little boy who turned five only a month ago. His status as an only child will stay, and it’s taken me the last five…

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6 Good Reasons Why Moms’ Mental Health Matters

Women’s issues get pushed to the side, especially those that are about our health and well being. Whether it’s drug trials that only use men as study participants or a lack of coordinated resources to address mental health – women and moms are an afterthought. But this week – Maternal Mental Health Week – we’re…

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You Are Loved: A Letter to All the Mamas on Valentine’s Day

Dear Mama, Whether you planned to have a baby, were caught by surprise or found yourself knee deep in motherhood by accident, nothing prepared you for how dramatically your life would change. Maybe pregnancy was easy and you liked it. Or it could have been a nightmare, filled with morning sickness that lasted all day,…

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21 Ridiculous Reasons Moms’ Mental Health Wasn’t Taken Seriously

Despite assurances from health care providers that maternal mental health issues are taken seriously, we know from our lived experience this isn’t always the case. There are many instances where a mom has reached out for help only to be met with blank stares. Or worse yet, ridiculous reasons why what they’re experiencing is either…

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Let’s Talk About What’s Wrong with Motherhood

There’s a lot wrong with motherhood. We don’t want to admit it, or confess that we can’t handle it and don’t like it. When we do think or speak of anything other than rainbows and butterflies that accompany baby snuggles, we’re disgusted by our own audacity to question what it means to be a mother.…

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