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Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety Are Not Your Fault

I wanted to know what I could have done differently that may have prevented me from ever having to walk down this road. Why was I now dealing with a debilitating mental health crisis, while also trying to mother a tiny, helpless human?

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As Moms We Need to Start Talking About the Opioid Crisis

Over the last four years the opioid crisis has been gaining speed while claiming 100s of thousands of lives. Across the United States it’s estimated that 116 people die from opioid overdose every day. That’s a lot of people. It’s more than those dying in car accidents or from gun violence. Moms Need to Talk…

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Grieving the Postpartum Experience You Didn’t Have

In a culture that so openly celebrates motherhood and the wonderful experience we’re all supposed to have, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. Apparently, we’re all missing something unless we have a baby. We can’t fulfill our roles as women without having had a baby and giving motherhood a try. As you think about…

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Postpartum Rage is Real and No One Wants to Talk About It

“Postpartum rage” are two words that when put together make a lot of people really uncomfortable. How could you feel rage when you’re postpartum and enraptured with your life as a new mom? It seems impossible. But it’s not. Postpartum rage is a lot more common than you may think. It’s actually one of the…

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Postpartum Depression & Anxiety Don’t Get Any Better – But You Do

PPD Doesn

It’s been over four years since I had my son and my journey into the world of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, like postpartum depression and anxiety, began. Since then I’ve spent plenty of time managing my own recovery, but I’ve also spent countless hours providing peer support to other women. The question that’s asked…

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Postpartum Depression Doesn’t Just End After One Year

Postpartum depression and other mood disorders are confusing. To start, there’s a lot of misconception about when the postpartum period ends. And that misconception leads to confusion and arbitrary rules about when and how moms can get help. It can also dictate the type of health care provider that moms have access to. Too many…

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New Dads Are Depressed, But Don’t Call it Postpartum

Social media and the internet is abuzz with news that postpartum depression can affect new dads. As many new parents know welcoming a baby to your family feels like being hit by a truck. The emotional, physical and mental demands on moms and dads can feel insurmountable. But that doesn’t mean that what men and…

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