Maternal Mental Health Research Collaborative
Maternal Mental Health Research Collaborative
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Mothers 101 Video Series

Equipping researchers to work with moms is one of our goals. We do this through shared learning and engagement with the research community.

The Mothers 101 video series brings to life some of the real concerns and questions that moms have about research. It also celebrates the bravery of women who have chosen to use their lived experience with mental illness to help others.

Researchers can use these videos to better understand the challenges and motivations of mothers living with maternal mental illnesses to join the research process. Through this video series, we hope to inspire the academic community to embrace patient-centered research and include moms in their work.

Viki – Feeling Safe During Research
Tiffany – Sharing My Story
Heather – Participating in Research
Hannah – Using My Lived Experience
Morag – Stigma About Maternal Mental Health
Robin – Other Moms Can Find The Help They Need
Kaitlynne – My Inspiration for Participation