Maternal Mental Health Research Collaborative
Maternal Mental Health Research Collaborative
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Research 101 Video Series

Knowledge is power and we are equipping moms to use their lived experience to help transform maternal mental health research.

We want moms to understand the research process. It can be complicated and confusing, so we have developed the Research 101 video series. Short, direct and accessible, we have partnered with leading experts in maternal mental health and research to help explain what you need to know about contributing to research in multiple ways.

How does being in a research study benefit participants?
How can research help moms feel better?
How is information kept confidential during a research study?
What happens if research questions are upsetting to moms?
How do researchers decide what to study?
Is research only about medication and treatment? What else do researchers study?
What makes a research project successful?
How are the research results used?
What type of information might research participants be asked to share?
How does your sample choice relate to study design?
What is a randomized controlled trial?
Do women need particular training to participate in a research study?
What kind of data do researchers collect?
How do researchers choose participants?
How does participating in a research study benefit participants?
Who knows who is in a research study?
Why do some research studies take longer than others?