MMHRC and Researchers

There is increasing acknowledgement across the healthcare sector that sees patient engagement and involvement in all aspects of care provision as one of the keys to transforming health outcomes.  We already know that patients who are engaged in their care and feel as though they are partners in decision making demonstrate better adherence to treatment protocols and better health outcomes as a result.


Patient involvement in research is a relatively new focus within the healthcare community and it has gained significant momentum in recent years through the work of the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), a non-profit organization funded by the US Congress.  PCORI is committed to engaging, involving and partnering with patients in all parts of the research process and looks to fund projects that clearly identify patient priorities - and creates space for patients to work directly with principal investigators and research teams.  


The PCORI approach goes beyond asking patients about what their priorities are and expects them to be fully involved in the planning, recruitment and dissemination of study information.  This approach is also being accelerated by programs like ‘Everyone Included’ at the Stanford School of Medicine. The MMHRC is committed to these same principles and actively incorporates patient and peer leadership into its governance and operational structure.

Relationships are vital to accomplishing any of our strategic goals and the MMHRC is actively pursuing collaborative partnerships with a variety of stakeholders across multiple sectors.  Our governance model is based on equal representation and participation from all stakeholder groups including patients, care providers, researchers, nonprofit organizations and private industry.  To date we have partnered with the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Clara Health, and Sixsense Strategy, and we will continue to pursue partnerships with a variety of stakeholders as we move forward.  Funding for the initial phase of our work has been provided by PCORI.