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After Postpartum Depression, There’s No Shame in Only Having One Child

Woman sitting on beach holding young son

After a nightmare experience with postpartum depression, anxiety and PTSD, I have one child and I’ve put the reproductive stage of my life behind me. I was blessed with a magical little boy who turned five only a month ago. His status as an only child will stay, and it’s taken me the last five…

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Medication Shaming is Everywhere and It Has to Stop

Woman looking out window, sad and depressed

Medication shaming and mental health stigma seem to go hand in hand. To me its always seemed that mental illness is slightly more socially acceptable if you’re able to manage it without meds. Those that do end up taking medication are left to tip toe around awkward conversations with co-workers and feel the scorn of…

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Featured Study: The Safety and Efficacy of SAGE-217 for Patients with Severe Postpartum Depression

Name of study The Safety and Efficacy of SAGE-217 for Patients with Severe Postpartum Depression Brief description of study Researchers are looking for 60 women across the United States to participate in a study testing a new potential drug (SAGE-217) to treat severe postpartum depression. Women will be randomly assigned to one of two different…

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DrugStars: The Easy Way to Remember To Take Your Medication & Supplements

Remembering to take your medication and supplements on time, or even every day, can be a challenge. Maybe you’re like me and a bit of a hot mess in the morning. If I make it out the door alive with my preschooler in tow I consider it a win. There have been many times I’ve…

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Have Your Say On Our Top 4 Mom-Powered Research Priorities

When MMHRC officially launched back in August we talked a lot about mom-powered research. We want to create a platform for women with lived experience to get involved in research and make it relevant. Our priority was and is for moms to feel that their thoughts and opinions matter.  That someone is listening to them…

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