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Antenatal Depression is Common, But We’re Not Talking About It

Pregnant woman standing in front of trees

If you think there isn’t enough said about postpartum depression, just wait until you’re searching for information and answers about antenatal depression. Antenatal depression occurs in pregnancy and can happen at any time during the 40 week gestation period. The symptoms – like insomnia, lack of appetite, anxiety, restlessness, loss of interest and feelings of…

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Rachell’s Story: This Type of Worry Did Not Seem Logical

I tried to make an offhand, self-deprecating joke when I commented to my doctor at a regular prenatal visit about my habit of checking whether the doors were locked. Something in her face changed, and she re-positioned her body to show me she was paying close attention as she asked, “How much time are you…

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Postpartum Depression Doesn’t Just End After One Year

Postpartum depression and other mood disorders are confusing. To start, there’s a lot of misconception about when the postpartum period ends. And that misconception leads to confusion and arbitrary rules about when and how moms can get help. It can also dictate the type of health care provider that moms have access to. Too many…

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