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Sarah Kotranza: Anti-Depressants Saved My Life… Slowly

Anti-depressants saved my life…..slowly. For those of you who have not taken anti-depressants before you may not know that they can take 2-4 weeks to be fully effective. That means if that particular anti-depressant does not work well for you, then you have to wait 2-4 weeks to find that out, wean off of it,…

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Have Your Say On Our Top 4 Mom-Powered Research Priorities

When MMHRC officially launched back in August we talked a lot about mom-powered research. We want to create a platform for women with lived experience to get involved in research and make it relevant. Our priority was and is for moms to feel that their thoughts and opinions matter.  That someone is listening to them…

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Finding Power as a Patient

A big part of what the MMHRC is about is patient expertise, gained through lived experience, and our collective ability to harness that deep insight and shape the research agenda. It’s about empowerment through the sharing of our stories; taking ownership of those personal experiences and using them to heal and provide hope to others.…

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We’re the New Moms in Town

When it comes to working with moms and maternal mental health there are a lot of players in the game. Advocacy and awareness organizations, support groups, healthcare payers, researchers, providers, government, private industry and the list goes on. With so many people paying attention to moms and their mental health where do we fit? And this begs…

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