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Patricia Tomasi: Maternal Mental Health is a Women’s Rights Issue

I got pregnant pretty fast. We thought it would take at least six months because that was the norm among our couple friends. But all it took was one quick romp on the couch before dinner on a Tuesday to make it happen. We didn’t even take our clothes off except, for, you know… We…

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6 Good Reasons Why Moms’ Mental Health Matters

Women’s issues get pushed to the side, especially those that are about our health and well being. Whether it’s drug trials that only use men as study participants or a lack of coordinated resources to address mental health – women and moms are an afterthought. But this week – Maternal Mental Health Week – we’re…

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21 Ridiculous Reasons Moms’ Mental Health Wasn’t Taken Seriously

Despite assurances from health care providers that maternal mental health issues are taken seriously, we know from our lived experience this isn’t always the case. There are many instances where a mom has reached out for help only to be met with blank stares. Or worse yet, ridiculous reasons why what they’re experiencing is either…

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#metoo Matters for Moms and Our Mental Health

#metoo has brought to light what so many of us experience as women and have programmed ourselves to either ignore or just accept. Whether you’ve been sexually assaulted, harassed or your boundaries violated there’s no question this type of behavior is everywhere. We experience it day in and day out – at work, the bus…

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New Dads Are Depressed, But Don’t Call it Postpartum

Social media and the internet is abuzz with news that postpartum depression can affect new dads. As many new parents know welcoming a baby to your family feels like being hit by a truck. The emotional, physical and mental demands on moms and dads can feel insurmountable. But that doesn’t mean that what men and…

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