Maternal Mental Health Research Collaborative

Peer-led. Patient-centered. Our lived experience lets us close the gap between research and advocacy.


In collaboration with our partners, MMHRC will fund and conduct applied research that addresses what moms have identified as most important to their mental health recovery and ongoing symptom management.


MMHRC uses our research to create tools and training opportunities for moms and practitioners that directly impact their ability to meet the needs of their peers and patients struggling with maternal mental illness.   


MMHRC equips moms with the information and skills necessary to be active participants in research. Moms will be able to easily find and enroll in research projects through our partnership with Clara Health.

The Maternal Mental Health Research Collaborative (MMHRC) is a patient-led initiative in partnership with the University of Massachusetts Medical School. We are driven by a collective vision of developing a peer led, patient-centered think-tank and research hub where moms, healthcare providers, researchers and other stakeholders co-create research questions guided by a shared desire to quickly improve health by focusing on patient identified priorities.

At the same time we are well aware of the millions of dollars spent annually on clinical trials designed to explore treatment options for maternal mental health conditions like postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD, and psychosis.  Many of these studies either fail or cannot move forward because of problems with participant recruitment and retention.  MMHRC will serve as a conduit to connect mothers with funded studies that are recruiting participants immediately through our partnership with Clara Health.