Maternal Mental Health Research Collaborative

Peer-led. Mom-centered. Our lived experience lets us close the gap between research and advocacy.

MMHRC is a place for moms who have lived experience with a maternal mental illness and who want to engage in research.

The Maternal Mental Health Research Collaborative (MMHRC) is a peer-led, mom-centered initiative in partnership with researchers at Brandeis University.

We are driven by a collective vision of developing a peer-led, mom-centered think-tank and research hub where moms, researchers, providers and other stakeholders work together to co-create research. Partners are guided by a shared desire to quickly improve health by focusing on patient “mom identified” priorities.

MMHRC is also aware of the millions of dollars spent annually on clinical trials designed to explore treatment options for maternal mental illnesses like postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD, and psychosis. Many of these studies either fail or can’t move forward because of issues with participant recruitment and retention. MMHRC acts as a conduit to connect moms with funded studies that are recruiting participants immediately through our partnership with Clara Health.

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